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Herring, Summer & sun

During the rich herring period of the 16th century, a fishing village was founded here, which eventually developed into one of Sweden's foremost shipping communities.

When freight shipping on sailing ships slowed down at the end of the 19th century, Fiskebäckskil became a popular seaside resort and society life flourished at Fiskebäckskils harbour resort from the 1870s, now Gullmarsstrand. Today the community is a picturesque summer paradise.

Culture and attractions

Strolling along Kaptensgatan, which winds through the village, exploring all the little footpaths and staircases, you can see the traces of the different eras: at the bottom the small fishermen's cottages with their gables facing the water, higher up the stately captain's houses and then the architecture of the bathers' movement with lots of carpentry on glass porches and balconies. Two famous artists are descended from the village, Olle Skogman and above all Carl Wilhelmson, whose stately summer villa with studio is enthroned high up on the mountain.
Lyckans Slip is one of Bohuslän's most popular guest harbours. The tennis centre has hosted three World Championships, most famously Björn Borg's first. The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences is located in Kristineberg, one of the world's first marine laboratories.

The church from 1772 with its beautiful altarpiece donated by Margareta Huitfeldt and wall paintings with motifs from the Old and New Testaments. The Sjöstjärnan association cares for the windmill from 1854, the wadding at the entrance and the back box cottage from the 17th century.


Tempo Skaftöhallen with groceries is located at the entrance to Fiskebäckskil. There is also a fish shop, bakery, pizzeria, kiosk and petrol station. The marina has a restaurant, Brygghuset, a café and ice cream parlour, as well as a shop for boaters. Gullmarsstrand is located at the steamboat jetty: hotel, restaurant and conference. In the village there are summer shops and a café at Torgbacken. The bathing area is called Bökevik and offers a sandy beach, rocks and jetties. Swimming school is offered here under the auspices of Sjöstjärnan.


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Guest in the harbour

All questions regarding guest harbour places and bookings can be made via our harbour master 0708-122 622.

Marina in the inner part of Fiskebäckskil, about 2 M southeast of Lysekil. Depth 2-6 metres.

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