February offer!

First on the west coast to offer HVO100!

We are pleased to announce that we will be the first sea station on the west coast to offer HVO100. An environmentally friendly alternative to regular fossil diesel. Together with our customers, we will reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable boating.

What is HVO100? - HVO100 is a renewable diesel fuel that fits in both small and large diesel engines without adaptation. The raw material consists of residual and waste products. All raw materials comply with the Sustainability Act, which means that the raw materials are traceable and, for example, do not come from deforested land. HVO is produced by treating the raw material with hydrogen and forming a synthetic diesel. HVO has the same fuel properties as fossil diesel, no adjustments in the boat need to be made, it has low emissions and high climate benefits. HVO meets the fuel standard ASTM D975.

HVO100 can be used in all types of diesel engines. HVO100 has excellent fuel properties such as high cetane number (very good ignitability), high cold performance, and soot less. Very long storage stability as HVO100 contains only diesel and has no mixture of other fuels. There is no growth in HVO100. Transition to HVO requires no conversion or preparation. HVO can also be mixed and combined with fossil diesel in all proportions. HVO requires no extra maintenance or service and also works in diesel heaters and cooling units.

HVO reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 90% compared to fossil diesel. Emissions are significantly lower than from fossil diesel. HVO is non-toxic to aquatic organisms, free of sulphur and aromatic hydrocarbons and produces less soot. HVO has a slightly lower density, but otherwise meets the fuel standard for Swedish MK1 diesel. HVO has good cold properties and has a winter quality that can withstand -34°C.

HVO can be stored for several years without loss of quality. HVO is stored in standard diesel tanks and has no problem with water, corrosivity or bacterial growth. In terms of handling, HVO can be compared to white diesel.

- HVO 100% fully renewable
- 0% greenhouse gas reduction
- Suitable for all diesel engines
- Reduced exhaust emissions, less cold start smoke
- Free from sulphur and aromatics
- Winter quality -34°C
- Toxic to aquatic organisms
- No growth of algae or bacteria


We have also installed a new card terminal which allows you to refuel around the clock even when the shop is closed!


Guest in the harbour

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Marina in the inner part of Fiskebäckskil, about 2 M southeast of Lysekil. Depth 2-6 metres.

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